Who are you?

I’m Polaris! Or Roxas, or Atlas, depending on which character you know me as. Either way – when I’m not goofing about in costume, I’m a professional webmaster/web developer – and have been for quite some time! I have well over 5 years of working experience with web development, server and hosting management, and more! I’m a big blue dog or a big bappy yeen depending on the day! If you’re interested in what I can do for you with a website, click here

Also, I’m the webmaster for Anthro New England, a wonderful convention in Boston, MA! Check it out! <3 

Feel free to send me a message sometime or say hi at cons if you see me! 

My blue dog (Atlas) is made by nobody, and my big bappy hyena (Roxas) is made by Paciulo Fursuits.

Atlas (Photo by SvenFennec)
Roxas (Photo by Zeek)
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