Case Study:

Yeentography (Personal Project)

Software Tools:

WordPress, WPBakery, Pearl


Project Overview

Yeentography has been a personal project between myself (RoxasYeen/Polaris) and my fiance (RoxxiYeen/Flinterstuff), Yeentography’s goal is to help capture the memories had at furry conventions and events through the medium of photography and videography. Up until 2018, we had a similar HTML/CSS website that I had built the previous year, and it was a pain to update with new content. With that in mind, I took my growing experience with WordPress and undertook the challenge of recreating the site in the new medium – and improving upon it.

The landing page features a revolution slider animation that welcomes users to the site, and gives the video underneath a moment to load. For optimization and speed, I’ve used Youtube to host the video – as on-server would not be as fast as Google’s immense power they hold in video delivery. 

The site features lots of easy to edit, quick to change content – the photo gallery while pretty, links off to Flickr for easy posting and content linkage, the site impliments a booking system for photoshoots we offer at cons, and more! 

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