Who are you?

I’m Polaris! Or Atlas, depending on who you know me as! Either way – when I’m not goofing about in costume, I’m a professional webmaster/web developer – and have been for quite some time! I have well over 5 years of working experience with web development, server and hosting management, and more! I’m very comfortable working with WordPress, and all of the facets that go along with the platform. I’m comfortable working with CSS, JS, and HTML, and I have a very strong eye for UI/UX design and I try to keep that strongly in mind when building websites. Want to know more about me? Check out my Bio page

Also, I’m the webmaster for Anthro New England, a wonderful convention in Boston, MA! Check it out! <3 

What is Sites by a Blue Dog? Are you the blue dog?

Yes, I am! Sites by a Blue Dog is the name I apply to all websites I’ve created under my ‘furry’ identity. I love developing for this fandom, and working to build better web experiences for others. So, I thought why not offer my experience up for website commissions?

Every single website is different – so I try to keep pricing varied to meet your budget and design goals. I’ve created websites for quasi-government transportation services, highly profitable e-commerce companies, and quite a few more! I’m excited to start every new project, and help every client get the web presence they want to achieve!

How much would it cost me?

In simple terms – my pricing starts at $100 for website development, and I offer basic hosting myself for $50/year – though I am more than happy to help clients pick hosting with a major company, and facilitate getting everything going from there!

If you’re interested – please feel free to reach out!

Interested in a quote? It’s free!

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